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Orientek optical connector cleaner makes network efficient

At present, a number of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence tele-medicine and unmanned driving, are emerging rapidly. With the announcement of a large number of pilot cities for 5G, the wave of 5G construction will be ushered in. At the same time, as the 5G foundation -- fiber optical market demand will be increasing. Facing amount networking, the ignore of fiber connector cleaning will bring you much trouble. Orientek optical fiber connector cleaner will be your helper to solve this problem.

Speaking of fiber optic cleaners, some people may have confusion, what is it? With these questions in mind, we might as well first look at the interface of the optical fiber connector.

There are lots of dirt on the fiber connectors, in our daily use process, or subconsciously or accidentally touched, will pollute the optical fiber interface.

When the optical fiber end face is attached with a lot of dirt, oil and other dirt, it will lead to the optical signal can not pass, and increase the optical fiber loss; When the end face of one fiber is contaminated, it will be damaged when it is connected with another fiber joint. If there is a large amount of dirt on the interface, there will be a heating condition, the fiber may be melted, because of the reflection of light wave, will lead to laser damage, thus affecting the entire communication system.

Optical fiber cleaner is used to clean the dirt on the fiber interface. So what are the fiber optic cleaners? How is the end cleaning effect?

Orientek supply optical fiber connector one-click cleaner, cassette cleaner, cleaning platform, wipe paper and so on.

Optical fiber connector one-click cleaner TOC, a new fiber cleaning tool with high performance and fashionable appearance, can not only remove dirt, grease and other dirty dirt on the end face, but also effectively ensure that the fiber end face will not be scratched or damaged. TKOC-125 is suit for LC/MU(APC/UPC)and other 1.25mm; TOC-250 is suit for SC/ST/FC/E2000(APC/UPC) and other 2.5mm; Over 800+ engagements per unit; Audible CLICK to alert the operator when tools is fully engaged.

What about the cleaning effect? TOC-125/250 optical fiber cleaner can effectively clean up to 99% of the dirt on the end surface.

At present, the optical fiber connector cleaner tool in the optical communication industry has been more and more attention, the appearance of the optical fiber interface cleaner easily solved the problem of fiber adapter insert core cleaning, now it has been widely used in optical network maintenance business, engineering business.